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A Certain Mumble 

Amelia Jean O'Leary 
Presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy in Frame March 2023

Amelia is a First Nations Gamilaroi dancer and choreographer. Janelle Tan is a Chinese Malaysian dance artist with a rich understanding of the diverse culture that surrounded her growing up. In “A Certain Mumble”, they step through the sticky terrain of conviction and confusion, voice and incomprehensibility, sisterhood and lineage, being watched and being understood.

In this intimate new dance work, these two young choreographers invite you into the murky realm between the certainty they hold in themselves, the perils of being misunderstood, and the subterranean rumblings that try to convince you you don’t belong here.

Choreographer, dancer and sound artist: Amelia Jean O’Leary
Dancer and Collaborator: Janelle Tan Yung Huey
Lighting Designer: Giovanna Yate Gonzalez
Set Designer: Savanna Wegman

Georgie Bright: Stage and production manager

Yinarr 2.png


‘Yinarr’ means ‘Aboriginal Woman’ in Gamillaraay Language. In this iteration of Yinarr, Gamilaroi Woman Amelia O’Leary provides a glimpse into her discovery and exploration of identity. This is a raw physical depiction of her internal vortex of identity and sisterhood that ripples into the physical, digital and spiritual worlds.

Choreographer, performer, sound designer: Amelia Jean O’Leary
Projection/film: Amelia Jean O’Leary and Alliah Nival
Lighting Designer: Giovanna Yate González

Performed in Fan the Flames as part of Deadly Fringe 2019

Performed at Out of Bounds 2021 presented by Lucy Guerin Inc and Phillip Adams BalletLab.

Full length live performance work Adelaide Fringe 2022

Full length presented at Dancehouse 2022

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Yinarr, 2020 (Film) 

Resilience in Isolation grant through YIRRAMBOI FESTIVAL 5 minute video solo dance piece

Yinarr by Amelia O’Leary presented in Dance (Lens) Festival, running from 29 July—29 August 2021

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 5.57.14 pm.png

No Correct Way, 2021 (film)

'No Correct Way' is complete sense and chaos. No explanation needed. No way for it to be. Orbiting around discovery and honesty. Surrounding sisterhood and love. Creating a space and a home for women to be as they choose. Exploring the multiplicity and drama of being women. As the women take the space they embody various modes. Being completely open but shut. Let’s see how it feels, how it goes, how it will be, as there is no correct way for us to be. 

Credits Directed, created and choreographed by: Amelia Jean O’Leary Dancers and Collaborators: Zoe Brown Janelle Tan Sarah Kosoof Molly McKenzie Gemma Sattler

Videographer: Alliah Nival Lighting: Makayla Hurinui

Editor: Amelia Jean O’Leary Sound: Amelia Jean O’Leary

Pianist: Emily Keane

Presented in MudFest 2021

Received Best Editing Award in MudFest Films 2021

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 5.49_edited.jpg

MICRO TOXIC, 2020 (film)

Independent contract 2020 VCA UNIMELB

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 6.07.33 pm.png

JEAN, 2021 (film)

Short dance film 

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 6.09.28 pm.png

After Time, 2020 (film)

Short dance film

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Performance Works

WORKS: Video

10 degrees

Created by VCA Dance Graduates 2021

Spotlight on Shadows 

by Shinjita Roy as part of The National Gallery of Victoria's Triennial Extra 2021.
Amelia was a performer in Spotlight on Shadows


by Alice Dixon and Caroline Meaden, 2020 Dancer in WOW, VCA Second Years performance season

The Object Is the Sound

by Anna Smith, 2019
Victorian College of the Arts Four Directions series

Nuti (VCA remount)

by Meryl Tankard, 2020 Dancer in VCA Second Years remount of Nuti.


2019 Performer in opening presentation of Melbourne International Arts Festival

Continuous Present

Amaara Raheem and Ying-Lan Dann, Testing Grounds, 2021. Photo by Isabella Hone-Saunders.


by Daniel Riley, 2021

As part of Atlas | gadhaba kurrawan. VCA 2021 graduate season.

Chapter 7

by Danielle Micich, 2021 

As part of Atlas | gadhaba kurrawan. VCA 2021 graduate season.


Garabari by Joel Bray, presented by Chunky Move and Joel Bray Dance
1-10 Dec at Arts House


by Jo Lloyd presented at Junction Arts Festival 2022

WORKS: Projects
WORKS: Pro Gallery
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