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Amelia’s practice consist of multiple eclectic elements such as improvisation and storytelling. In both the digital and physical realms, from film to studio practice. Freedom and honesty of exploration and human experience. The internal worlds that ripple into the vortex of reality and play. Allowing for chaos and breath in a subtle awareness of grounding understanding.



A Biography

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Amelia O'Leary is a First Nations Gamilaroi Yinarr from Northern New South Wales living in Naarm (Melbourne) for the past eleven years. O’Leary’s practice is grounded in the duality of power and softness. It breathes freedom and honesty of exploration and human experience, becoming a product of both the digital and physical realms.

She is a recent graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Dance. Whilst at the VCA, O’Leary worked with Daniel Riley, Danielle Micich, Shinjita Roy, Anna Smith, Meryl Tankard, Vincent Crowley, Alice Dixon and Caroline Meaden. In 2020 O'Leary was commissioned by Yirramboi’s Resilience in Isolation program to release a film development of her work 'Yinarr'. ‘Yinarr’ was also selected to be in Dance Lens 2021 presented by Dancehouse. O’Leary has created several dance films including her work 'Micro Toxic' and 'No Correct Way' for Mudfest 2021 which was Awarded Best Editing Award from Mudfest.

Since graduating from the VCA last year O’Leary is a fast growing mature emerging artists in dance after she performed and toured her first solo full length show ‘Yinarr’ in Adelaide Fringe 2022 and Dancehouse Season 2 in August/September 2022. In 2022 O'Leary performed in Collision by Jo Lloyd presented at Junction Arts Festival  and Garabari by Joel Bray, presented by Chunky Move and Joel Bray Dance at Arts House.

O'Leary is interested in decoding and recoding storytelling through the body. By making her own projections and soundscapes O'Leary brings a raw and honest perspective to her work and her dance. Whilst still holding space and time  for collaboration, community and the next generation. 

'I believe in diverse storytelling and how dance is a powerful medium for greater connection and perspective. I strive to create positive change and influence for my mob and for the dance industry as I continue on my journey as a blak dancer.' - Amelia O'Leary

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